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20161208 McAllen Performing Arts Center web"I've got talent, a lot of talent" or "tengo talento, mucho talento." At least that is what a graduate of the Port Isabel High School Class of 2018 said as he prepared to compete in Estrella TV's show. And yes, the Rio Grande Valley has a lot of talent. Our schools and communities are doing all possible to offer our younger - and older - generations the opportunity to develop that talent. Just look around - almost every community has a performing arts theater. The choirs, bands and orchestras in our local schools are some of the most outstanding in our state. We are all missing out if we do not take time to attend their performances. Look at what your community offers. You will not have to travel far from home to enjoy a live, top-notch performance.


On South Padre Island, there is the El Paseo Arts Foundation. Their live performances are generally performed in the local convention center.

The Camille Playhouse in Brownsville was one of the first performing arts theaters in the Rio Grande Valley. One of their more recent productions was a good fit for our local culture: Our Lady of the Tortilla. The lady was convinced that she could see the image of the Virgin on the home-made tortilla she produced. Her son saw this as a money-making possibility and soon people were flocking to see this "miracle.”

Harlingen has the Performing Arts Theater on Fair Park Boulevard. Many of their performances have actors who are still in their teens. Currently, their performance is Matilda, Jr. Star performer is a 13-year-old eighth grader who is playing the part of Mrs. Trunchbull, a very plumb, demanding egotistical disciplinarian who makes life miserable for her students. George, the young eighth grader, says the character is totally different from his personality - but that is what acting is all about.

Last year I was privileged to see their performance of Mary Poppins. The amazing thing was how these students had the British accent down perfectly.

Weslaco Tower Theater is actually in an old water tower...now that's recycling for you. Their latest performance was Richie Goes Gray.

Moving on you will find McAllen with their own Performing Arts Theater. Ask one of your Spanish speaking friends to translate one of their latest presentations named Por Que Los Hombres Aman a Las Cabronas. That's a little off color, but to take you to a little higher elevation, they also will be presenting the Valley Symphony Orchestra on November 12 and The Nutcracker on December 4.

Yes - we've got talent! Get out and enjoy what our locals have to offer.