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jed owen NPBnWE1o07I unsplash webHappy Thanksgiving. And we have so much to be thankful for. We live in a beautiful, wonderful world alive with trees and flowers and friends. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Most of us have plenty of food, a warm bed, and a sheltered home waiting for us at the end of each day. But not everyone is so blessed. Some families are without jobs and have too many mouths to feed. Or maybe they are handicapped or a single parent with just more than too much responsibility. Let us all give thanks for what we do have. Truly the months of November and December are months of celebration and thanksgiving.


Almost a month ago, the phone rang with a request for help. Unfortunately, the only help that I could offer were telephone numbers and names of local companies that might be able to help the caller with her transportation needs. Then just a few days ago, a picture in our local newspaper caught my eye. Somehow that caller managed to find transportation for the group that came all the way from Houston to share their blessings with those, who perhaps were not so blessed.

It seems this particular group had a multitude of shoes to share with children whose parents may have been struggling to buy shoes for their children. But they did not just bring shoes - they brought love and concern for those who needed their help.

The picture in the paper said it all. One of the volunteers was washing the feet of the little child who was about to receive a brand-new pair of socks and new shoes. Would you wash someone’s dirty feet? Would you wash those feet with love and understanding? Would you travel seven hours to help someone you did not even know?

So many people share and care. Just the least little smile or a thank you is all that someone may need just to make their day. We all need to make time to greet those we meet on the street. We all need to make time to say please and thank you for the kindness that others show to us. Let us all be thankful for what we have. Some may not have much but they are still thankful. After all, to have a little is better than to have nothing at all.

In fact, that reminds me of what my husband used to recite - “Christmas is coming, and the geese are getting fat. Please to put a penny in an old man's hat. If not a penny a half penny will do. If not a half penny, God bless you.”