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Looking forward to a new year and new tours

Another year is quickly coming to an end in just a few more days and our calendars will turn to 2023. It’s time to think of travel again. Sometimes I schedule myself on a tour just to see what changes have been made in a hotel along the highways. I really like to get out with my travelers and see the trip through their eyes.

Right now there is only one more tour scheduled for the rest of this year and it is a good one, especially if you have never been on the tour or if you have visitors who want to visit the famous King Ranch – one of the largest ranches in the United States.

Founded in 1853 by Captain Richard King, the King Ranch boasts almost 1,000 acres. You will learn all about the Ranch, the flora and fauna of the area as your guide introduces you to a very special part of the history of the Rio Grande Valley. The last trip of the year is scheduled for December 29, 2022. Don’t miss it.

Texans would really like to brag that the King Ranch is the largest ranch in the world. Not true. Some of the largest ranches in the world are actually in Australia. Even so, the story of the King Ranch and how Captain King and his wife overcame many hardships is a fascinating story.

All of the Go…with Jo! Tours weave the history of the area into the presentation given by your guide. So get your group together and lets go exploring as we learn more about the area.

We are currently working toward adding a few new one day tours that should really be of interest. Most all of the one day tours include lunch in the cost of the tour. This means that the restaurant knows in advance the exact number and is prepared, meaning that you have more time to enjoy the tour.

At this time of year it is always difficult to get contracts from the Mexico hotels. The peso does fluctuate in value which does give hotels some concern about giving out year long contracts. Watch for the all time favorites of San Miguel de Allende, the Monarch Butterfly and the Copper Canyon Tour. In the United States, the Big Bend, San Antonio Rodeo, Magnolia Market Place, will all be offered.

Please, register early for these tours. Most all of the hotels want to receive a rooming list 30 days in advance. I know you want to see what will the weather be like on that tour date or what if I am not feeling well? If you truly have a legitimate reason to cancel, you will receive a refund. When you call at the last minute to register, you may find the tour sold out or already cancelled because of lack of participants. When that happened, both you and Go…With Jo! are disappointed.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on one of the tours. Please register early.

Have a wonderful celebration this New Year. May we all be healthy and well – and perhaps a little prosperous in 2023.