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Go With Jo Monarch webI missed seeing you at the Winter Expo. There was some misunderstanding as I generally am there in person. However, this year I decided that I would rather do a personal presentation in the parks or at the club meetings of retirees or those who are ready to travel. So, if you are interested in a personal presentation, just give me a call. A few days have already been reserved, but I am sure we can find an open date for you.

I will be guiding some of the tours which I am really looking forward to. One of my favorites is the three-day trip to Monterrey with one already requested for the end of February. Another favorite is the Monarch Butterfly. If you are driving in the Rio Grande Valley during the month of October, you will probably recall how those beautiful little creatures smashed into your radiator and made a terrible mess. I am not sure how many of the butterflies die in that manner, but others die from pesticides and from people stepping on them as they hike the trails in Mexico.

Those small little creatures fly all the way from Canada deep into Mexico on their annual migration. They are at their peak in February. If you choose to go on this seven-day tour, it is scheduled to depart on February 10, 2024. I can assure you that you will never forget this beautiful experience. The tour is considered a high-altitude tour and does require walking uphill. But you don’t have to walk uphill. Just sit and wait by the bubbling brook for the Monarchs will come down for a drink of water. Sit quietly and be still – they will even land on you. It’s magical!

We will also offer Texas tours and some local one days. Just a few weeks ago, one of our travelers who had gone on a tour into Mexico commented that she was looking forward to the King Ranch Tour. That’s a one day that includes a barbecue lunch. Dates and rates have been set. It is a good tour, and you will hear a lot about the history of the Valley as well as the history of the King Ranch. You will have a local guide on the bus with you as you travel to and from Kingsville. A guide – often someone who grew up on the ranch – will accompany us once we arrive at the King Ranch Visitor Center. Come spend the day with us.

If you would like a tour other than those that we offer, I would be glad to consider your suggestion. If you decide to go on a tour with Go … With Jo! please be sure to fill in the evaluation. This is a way you can help me maintain the same quality we have always strived for since I started the company some forty years ago.

I can’t believe it has been forty years. How time does fly. And I have loved every minute of it.