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20200226 RINA img 2534We’ve been busy again over here at the Winter Texan Times. We tried to get out as much as possible, but there were places and people we just couldn’t get to. We almost had to place requests in a hat and pick one to go to when we could. You want us out there and we are trying our best to come and see you. Please know that we want to know everyone, but we can’t go to everything.

These past two weeks we decided to try watching some sports we haven’t taken a chance to look at yet and we got to enjoy a lot of entertainment as well.

We went out one morning to a shuffleboard tournament at Ranchero Village. We tried to follow the games, but I do think we still have a lot to learn – and we definitely don’t know any of the terminology.

Ranchero Village has 24 shuffleboard courts and it looked like all but two were being used during their tournament – which meant they had nearly 90 players shuffling the morning we stopped by.

We took some photos, some of which can be seen inside this issue. We had a great time watching the players.

Another sport, one that has become popular in recent years, was pickleball. Casa Del Valle held a ribbon cutting for their new pickleball courts. They had a tournament after the ribbon cutting for amateur and experienced players. You could tell which players were a little more experienced as they walked in with their own rackets, a change of shoes, or other special gear.

That looked like a game I could get into. To me, it seemed like a cross between tennis and ping pong. We were able to get some insight to the game before we had to leave to go somewhere else. 20200226 RINA img 2668

The courts are nice and fresh. It was a beautiful day and players did struggle a bit to keep the breeze from helping or hindering their game. The sun wasn’t too bad that day, helping warm the players on what started out as a chilly morning. 

Saturday, February 15, was nearly a full day just with Mission’s Winter Texan Fiesta. It was a beautiful day to have an outdoor concert. There was great entertainment, lots of attendees and a market showcasing some beautifully handmade arts. We started the day early – and some Winter Texans were already there getting their front row seats when things were still being set up.

Mission gave out free food and T-shirts to those who got tickets ahead of time. Otherwise, there were some vendors providing food and drinks.

We were able to talk to a lot of you that visited our booth at the event. We learned a lot from you, and we like hearing what you think of us – good or bad. Thank you for sharing with us and helping us enjoy the time we spend with you.

We also had the opportunity to see Fred Renk’s last Santa Maria Bullfight. It was thrilling as we watched the matadors get the bulls riled up and take turns getting the flowers off their back – which signifies the kill that is done in other countries.

20200226 RINA img 4273Apparently, the tradition of the bloodless bullfights will continue with someone else in charge. We look forward to seeing the success of the new endeavor.

Last Wednesday was a very full day. As most of you know, we had the Valley Star Awards. This event was truly exciting and SO MUCH FUN!

I can’t tell you how awesome it was being with such a great group of people – entertainers and Winter Texans alike. These people work so hard to make you guys happy and fully enjoy what they are doing as well. They are so humble and put their thankfulness where it belongs – in you and God.
I tell you what – there is some great entertainment that comes to the Valley to share their talents with us down here. I loved hearing the old country songs I grew up with and hearing songs I had not heard in a while. They know how to sing, how to yodel, dance and make those watching happy. I look forward to many years of seeing more entertainers … entertain us and you.

That same evening, my husband and I went and saw the Glenn Miller Orchestra at Casa Del Sol. This was a pure delight. I can remember listening to the songs they played when I was a child at my grandparents’ house. 20200226 RINA img 2911

Loved seeing the players really enjoy the production. They had such talented musicians. The woodwind players knew at least three instruments. One gentleman had five instruments with him that he could play.

Winter Texans attending took to the dance floor and you could tell everyone enjoyed the music from the late 30’s to 40’s. This is the only group licensed and supported by the original Glenn Miller Orchestra. They play all of the original music from the times.

If you want to see what they are all about, or catch a show somewhere else, visit their website at https://glennmillerorchestra.com/.

Oh… and somewhere in there we went to the Edinburg Winter Texan Appreciation event. Two attendees won gift baskets. Those in attendance enjoyed music, good food and casino games.

Well… until next time….

Carina (Rina) A. Brunson