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So, the new year is here and my only thought, or type of resolution, is to work on myself more and finish some crafts that have been sitting around.

I love to start things, but have a hard time finishing them. I have a cross-stitch project I started working on probably seven months ago and I have not even touched it for about two months.

I have material cut out to make potholders. I have one side of squares cut out but have not done the others. I think that project has been sitting around for about two years.

I have mugs that I need to make the decals for. I have a canvas with some vinyl on it that I need to repair. I have jewelry pieces to make a set (necklace, earrings, and bracelet) that I just have not gotten to. And that one has been sitting around for about two years as well.


This is a dreadful habit of mine. I always want to do something crafty, but I never get around to actually finishing it.

I do this with books to sometimes. I begin a book, get about halfway into it, and for some reason, just do not read it to the end anymore. I used to be so into reading and now it feels like a chore at times.

Myself – I just need to focus on some physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Being a mother and a wife, I am always making sure everyone else is okay. I never really think about how I am doing.

On a whole, I am a happy person. Yes, there are days I might be angry at something, or just not in the right mood, but typically I am happy. I am in a good place overall, but I do think there is room for improvement – like developing better habits of eating, reading for me, reading my scriptures, praying more often, etc. These things would help my overall outlook – I know they will.

If you did not set a resolution this year, see if you just need to do a little something for yourself, or someone else. Or do something like Jo is doing and just say ‘Thank you’ more often.


I am enjoying these city stories I have embarked on this year. If you have not had a chance to learn about the city you live in, I can honestly say it is fun.

I have loved driving through the downtowns of these beautiful valley cities and seeing the old mixed with the new. I like seeing how the new sometimes still incorporate the architectural designs of the old. It makes the city landscape meld together.

Learn about your community. Get out there when you can. Go for a walk. Visit your chamber or city website and learn about the place you call home.