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This past week has been a fun one. I was able to go out to South Padre Island last week and it was beautiful. I am rarely disappointed in the weather when I go there, although I know it is not always perfect weather.

It was in the mid 70’s with a breeze so the waters were choppy, and it was a little chilly here and there, but nice, nonetheless.

Dozens of people were enjoying the weather just as much as I was. There were shoppers walking along the boulevard with bags of merchandise going to their next destination. There were a couple of restaurants and areas that looked full as well. The Island was bustling.


There were fishermen at the county park access I went to. Vehicles were coming and going from the beach. There were people in the air, on the sand, in the water, and on horses.

I spent way too long at the Birding Center, but all I want to do is go back. I did not have time to enjoy the inside of the building, the displays, or the watch tower. So, I do think it is on my list to visit again.

I just happened to be in Port Isabel when the Starship SN8 took off from SpaceX. It brought people outside again to see the spectacle. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well for the ship.

I have really enjoyed driving around these cities in the Valley and seeing things I have not really seen before or taken the time to look at before.

I do hope I can continue learning all that our beautiful Valley has to offer. I have done most of the major cities and look forward to getting to some of the smaller unknowns or hidden towns that are worth driving through and visiting.

Again, if you can, I invite you to go outside and enjoy the sun, enjoy the outdoors, go for a drive and really look at what is around you.

Take care and stay safe,