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WOW! It has been crazy the last two weeks. I have enjoyed the busy-ness – getting out there and doing – but it also means that I sometimes fall behind in other things.

I didn’t get to write a Ramblings last week because we had so much news to get to you. So, I hope I can cover a few things this time that I wish I had the opportunity to share last week.

Our Valley Star Awards were fantastic. Our Wintertainers™ never disappoint. These are acts that you need to see for yourself to appreciate – Mountain Highway, Ron and Jan Easter, Curt James, Justin Terry, Johnathan Len, and Rebecca (Lawless) and Jamie.


Last week I was able to attend Alamo Rose’s presentation of quilts to their resident veterans. This was such a beautiful ceremony with a presentation of colors and the military flags. It even included some history about the Star-Spangled Banner. And of course, there was a potluck dinner involved.

Just over halfway through I had to leave to get to another event at Casa Del Valle. Jammers were having a tribute for one of their own that passed away recently. It was a beautiful tribute to a man that brought music to several parks and made jams better for many involved.

The event started with some swing jamming and then went on to some country. Robert Ferguson even came out and gave a swell performance of Blue Suede Shoes with wig and vest on to boot.

It’s a great thing to see so many talented people come together in one spot to honor someone they cherished.

I then had the chance to attend the Red Hatters Festival of Tables. This event is actually something I have been interested in for years and it was so much fun to be able to visit with this wonderful group of ladies.

I can’t believe all the familiar faces I saw either. I saw people I haven’t seen in years and some I have known for over 30 years – oops, kind of showing my age there (and theirs!).

I might just become a Red Hatter so I can hang out with these ladies more often.

That day continued into the evening by spending some time with the Fergusons and those that have volunteered with the Valley Star Awards for years. We are so very thankful for a great group of people that we have worked with for several years as well. We are also thankful that we can include them in the Valley Star Awards in the future.

We look forward to what the future holds for you, us, the Valley Star Awards, and everything in between.

Although we missed our regular church services, we attended a gospel music fundraiser event on Sunday at Mission Bell. This filled our souls and made us realize how blessed we are with the community we serve.

All the entertainment was donated, there was great food, and a baked goods auction. They raised a good amount of money for a workcamper that recently passed away.

The Wintertainers™ included some local jammers, the Whosoever’s, Dave and Daphne, Rusty Rierson, Mountain Highway, Jamie Layton, and Justin Terry. They shared their testimonies and talents with beautiful music of worship.


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Without you, we wouldn’t be here, and we want to continue to give you the news you want to read and know. Thank you for everything you do for us. With these events the past two weeks we have truly felt blessed by serving you and look forward to the opportunity to do so for years to come.