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20220330 Thanks Casa del Valle IMG 7384This season has been a blast!

Despite a knee injury at the beginning of the season, I was able to get out there a bit and enjoy some time with you. It took me a while, and I know we missed a lot at the beginning of the season, but we still had some fun once the season really started picking up in January.

It was a pleasure to get out to attend events where parks were giving to their communities or had made special items for the veterans in their parks. It was also heartwarming to see events held in memory of those lost, or to help support a family who lost a loved one.

Your love for those you surround yourself with is a wonderful thing and makes me feel blessed to be but a small part of it – whether I was able to attend or just include some of what you do in the Winter Texan Times.

We have truly enjoyed getting to know you this year. We have been able to connect with you this year more than we have in previous years. Yes, things were a little slow last year, but you sure made up for it this year.

We have enjoyed meeting activity directors, Wintertainers™, volunteers, and all of those in between.

My husband and I have always had a fondness of the Winter Texan community. He saw this paper from its very first issue in 1987 and now strives to continue what his grandmother and dad built.

I grew up surrounded by two Winter Texan parks. Our family befriended several of the residents each year. I remember one couple from Washington that brought us apples every year. They eventually had to stop visiting, but their children visited one year, just to meet my family. I remember lots of great Halloween and Christmas events as well.
I grew up to love you, the Winter Texans, that visit our community year after year – as did my husband.

We want to thank you, our readers, park owners and managers, activity directors, and Wintertainers™ for the great community you have built here in the Rio Grande Valley. Without this community – without you – we would not have this opportunity to work and play in your community and bring your community newspaper to you every week from October through March.

Again, we had so much fun this year and look forward to an exciting season next year. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you and had one of the best Valley Star Awards shows this year – which we are taking over (so sad to see Robert and Billie Ferguson leave), and know we have some big shoes to fill. We do intend to keep that show packed with fun and talented Wintertainers™.

Thank you for this great season. We love our Winter Texans, and we pray for your health and safety as you travel back north.

Stay safe and healthy, and hurry back next fall. We can’t wait to do this again!