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Wow! Has it been busy! We have had an amazing week. We went to some entertainment, and we were at the Ron Hoover Open House last week. The Ron Hoover event was packed. We were overwhelmed and so blessed with all of the feedback and visitors to our table.

With the amount of people that came through, we ran out of almost all of the handouts and freebies we had on hand. We loved being able to chat with our Winter Texans that came through. It was tons of fun!

We even met someone that has been reading our paper since the very first issue. He remembered reading the first issue that was published in 1987. He said he had missed some here and there when he wasn’t able to travel but has enjoyed the paper since its beginning.

We also gave out several sets of tickets to the Valley Star Awards coming up next month. The winners were Karol Jensen, Mario Lefebvre, Sharon Hansen, Roger Hoverson, and Pam Steffens. We hope they enjoy the great entertainment we have lined up for February 15th.

We were also able to go out and see Nu-Blu out at Bentsen Grove RV Resort and The Bottomline Band at Texas Trails. Both groups were fantastic! They are great people too, not just good for their music. We had a great time sitting with residents and enjoying the music with them, watching them dance and having fun as well. They sure get rowdy out at Texas Trails though. It was blast!

With meeting the man that has read our paper off and on since its beginning, we want to know how long you have been reading our paper – or how long have you been visiting the Valley.

When we do things like the golf ballot and other surveys, we usually ask how long you have been a Winter Texan. With our winter golf ballot, we had one entrant that said they have been a Winter Texan for 39 years.

We think that is amazing!

So, how long have you been visiting the Valley? And how long have you been reading the Winter Texan Times?

If you would like to let me know, or tell me what is happening in your park, email me at news@wintertexantimes.com. We love hearing from you!