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IMG 9655 webBy Anastasia Brunson

As I set out Saturday, I had made sure to check my weather app and bring an extra jacket, memories of last year’s KiteFest had me over-preparing as I’m not quite built for cold weather combined with the island wind. Luckily the cold front we had received was alleviating and I was greeted with a pleasant high in the 70’s. The wind was also more light and breezy than previously felt. Grateful for the positive change in the ever-changing Texas weather I left my extra jacket in the backseat and started to peruse the outdoor setup.

Before even getting out of the car I could hear an announcer and energetic music tracks playing. Delicious scents from the miscellaneous food vendors also greeted the senses. Looking upwards an expanse of kites danced in the sky (some of these literally dancing to choreographed arrangements). On the right was a section of individual kite flyers with various kites ranging from a simple bright green one to a lengthy rainbow-colored squid. On the left is where the music and announcers voice rang out from.

Seventeen kites, all the same aerodynamic shape but with different designs, were controlled with grace and precision by a group of flyers. When the rare happening of a kite falling out of sync and hitting the ground occurred a person raced out from the side and reset the kite, the flyer then quickly gets it back into the routine hardly missing a beat. Rows of lawn chairs encapsulated this section of the grounds, spectators entranced by the twists and turns and synchronized movements. Some viewers even chose to sit in the back of their pickup trucks or on the roofs of their vehicles. Luckily no matter where you sat you were sure to have an excellent perspective of the show and displays. An encore routine was done in reply to a booming round of applause and cheers from the audience.

After the choreography was over there were still many kites up in the sky, people chatting about their own kites, and exchanging tips on flying. This being my second KiteFest, I surmised this pleasant event is appreciated by many, even if you’ve never flown a kite there is still so much to enjoy.