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20220105 Redneck Revivial BentsenPalmsRV HMiller 03 webBob Courtney, AKA Pastor Pudge, will be hosting the Gospel Music Extravaganza next week where he and others will be performing great gospel music to lift our spirits. The event begins at 3 p.m., Tuesday, January 30, at Winter Ranch Resort, 600 State Hwy. 495, in Alamo.

Others that will be performing are Redneck Revival, Alta Courtney, Mike Leichner, and Jamie Layton.

Redneck Revival is the duo of Bob and Alta Courtney. Their show is much more than just gospel music. They have a mix of clean country music, gospel, and comedy and have been performing at Winter Texan parks now for four years. Bob, a retired rodeo clown, has performed comedy for years, and now brings that to the stage with music and doing skits and songs with his wife Alta.

Alta has been performing gospel music for many years. They have combined their music and comedy talents into one great show. You can bet since Pastor Pudge will be there, that Sister Sludge will make an appearance as well.

Jamie Layton has a distinctive low voice – you can’t miss it. His love for gospel music began in the 90’s and he has been singing ever since. He attended the Baxter School of Music, sang with the River City Quartet for a number of years, and he now sings by himself and with the Abundance Quartet.

Mike Leichner’s ministry spans multiple areas over many years. It began with him traveling with and playing lead guitar and steel guitar for his family the Singing Ledbetters. After fulfilling a military commitment, he began traveling in Evanglistic ministry which included singing with his wife and brothers, The Leichner Brothers and Dee. He has done statewide camp meetings and revivals, music ministry with 12 recordings and many original songs, he is a published author, and most recently has had two country gospel recordings. His latest project is a patriot recording. He is also a founding pastor of the Ark Church and has ministered on several TV shows including the 700 Club, and radio broadcasts. He is a United States Marine with a love for his country and a heart for God. His mission is to promote Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel, and it is reflected in his music.

The event is free, but they will be passing around a donation bucket. A portion of the donations will be donated to the Christian School in Santa Rosa.