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Dale Eisenhauer webDale and Gayle have been entertaining in the RGV for 15 years. Winter Texans know them for playing music for 13 years at the different locations of Ace’s BBQ. They’re known for playing classic country music, whether for a show, a dance, or a happy hour. They also know them for Gayle’s alter-ego, Mrs. Crabapple, who always interrupts their shows and complains to park managers about all kinds of park matters.

What most people don’t know, is that Dale has been a pastor for eight winters in two different parks they have lived in. Gayle has also been the song leader in the services.

People don’t know that as they have traveled the nation, they have conducted multi-denominational church services in campgrounds for single services up to entire summers. Dale has been substituting for pastors in his home churches for 45 years when pastors have needed help with a service here and there.

Gayle has always been active in her church playing piano and singing solo or in choirs.

After talking with several people in the parks, including some activity directors, the availability of quality gospel entertainment is very limited in the Valley.

For the upcoming winter of 2024-25, Dale and Gayle would like to focus on offering parks gospel shows or single church services with song service and a short message. They plan to offer these shows and services for love offerings instead of a flat rate or dollar amount per person.

They feel that with our nation in such turmoil, more and more Winter Texans are looking for reassurance of their faith through songs of praise.

“God has called us to use our talents to provide this service in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Dale.

Dale and Gayle realize that most parks have booked all of their shows and dances at the last showcases. But this is something they would like to offer the parks in addition to the regular entertainment.

“We ask the park activity directors to consider adding a little gospel to their list for next year.”

They plan to continue playing at Ace’s BBQ and doing country variety shows with their country, cowboy, and oldies rock and roll music. They just want to offer their gospel shows and church services as an additional service.

You can contact them on Facebook, email at daleeisenhauer@sbcglobal.net, or by calling (580) 362-5437.