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20220202 Harry Seurkamp 01The La Floresta Park in Mercedes is filled with artists who bring with them many different talents and skills. One such artist is Harry Seurkamp, a woodcarver from Whitney, TX. Woodcarving is one of the oldest types of art.

Harry has always been into woodworking. After attending a carving show, his wife gave him a knife, a book, and a piece of wood, and signed him up for woodcarving classes. He was making box clocks at that time and thought carving would enhance them. Harry has been carving now for 30 years.

Harry also enjoys teaching woodcarving and willingly lends his tools to those who want to try their hand at it. He is currently teaching a class at La Floresta.

20220202 Roger Goertzen 01 PRINT“The whole idea is to promote woodcarving. It is becoming a lost art.”

La Floresta hosts an annual auction fundraiser, and this year Harry donated one of his pieces: “The Golfer Cowboy.”

He said, “That was one of my earliest pieces, created in the 1990’s. It was time to share it.”

Harry draws out patterns, enlarges them on his computer, and then using his band saw, cuts a piece of wood to fit his design. He has donated pieces to raise money for golfing events, Alzheimers, and other charities. He has entered many competitions and normally teaches classes at shows. This year he entered a competition coming up in Kerrville, TX, where he will attend a few classes and set up a table to display his items, some of which will be for sale. You can see more of this artist’s woodworking at his website: outofthewoodwork.net.