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Ron Mosheir Ttim mull webWhen you look at social media posts for the parks, and residents of the parks, on Facebook you can see there was a wide range of fun had by Winter Texans throughout the Rio Grande Valley. We saw pictures of someone dressed as a bowl of Fruit Loops, vampires, skeletons, superheroes, dragons, and so many more.

IMG 1361 webSome that really caught our eyes were those at Victoria Palms that dressed as their favorite Wintertainers™ like Ron Moshier and Steven May. They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery

Cutest Beekeeper and Bee June and Ron Wimmer webAt Casa del Valle we found the Joker and Sally, and the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. There were others such as a referee and a mouseketeer

IMG 1368 web

Cutest category: Beekeeper and Bee - June and Ron Wimmer

Most Intricate: Ron Moshier and Tim Mull - Linda and David Hatcher 

Most Creative: Bowl of Fruit Loops - Julie Boudreau

Funniest: Flo from Progressive and Mayhem Guy - Connie and John Pegump

Scariest: Devil Vixen - non VP resident


















Scariest-Devil-Vixen-non-VP-Resident_web.gifScariest Devil Vixen non VP Resident webFunniest Flo from Progressive and Mr web