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20240124 Alamo Palms Expo RGVgeeks copy webAlamo Palms RV Resort’s Business & Health Expo will be held on Saturday, January 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free to Winter Texans, the event will feature 50 businesses and health professionals chosen by co-organizers Dennis and Barb Zanetti.

“Our unique model is that we invite businesses and health experts that we and our Winter Texan friends believe are really good,” Barb said. “We work to select the ‘very best of the best.’ Just imagine the quality your brother, sister or best friend would recommend for you. That’s the role we try to play.”

The organizers said they made a list of all the categories that Winter Texans could use. Then they chose their favorite for each one. Most of these invited businesses have been operating in the RGV for years. However, one of them is extremely new.

On Saturday, Cindy Biggerstaff will introduce Bigg Stitch, her new longarm quilting and embroidery business.

“I’m retiring from my corporate job to go to work for myself,” she said. “The Expo seems like a good place to launch my new venture, to begin the next chapter of my life doing something I really love.”

She said it’s exciting for her and she’s ready. Her Bigg Stitch business cards, her shirt (complete with her new business logo), her flyers, along with drawing gifts for Expo attendees have all arrived. Plus, she has samples of her longarm and embroidery work set to display.

“I think of Bigg Stitch as art… as artwork,” she said. “From stitching quilt layers together with different patterns, to embroidering logos or names on quilts, Christmas stockings, hats, or t-shirts… I can do all of that.”

As a side note, Cindy is not a novice at quilting or embroidering. They’ve been long-time hobbies for her.

According to Barb, Cindy was invited to the Expo because “her work is exquisite,” and because her longarm work has been recommended by top quilters at Alamo Palms.

“Choosing people like Cindy to attend is rewarding,” the co-organizer said. “I love that our Alamo Palms’ Expo is an event organized by Winter Texans for Winter Texans. It’s not a craft show. Not a flea market. And it’s different than most any other expo in many ways.”

One of the major differences is the number of onsite, free perks including: a diagnosis of laptop issues by RGVgeeks; a skin-tone test by Mercy MedSpa’s MD; a demonstration of pain-relieving stretches by a top DHR orthopedic specialist; a massage by a Massage Masters instructor; a gel-paint fingernail design by a Nails Desire technician; plus more!

In addition, for a minimal $7 fee, Winter Texans can even have their dog’s toenails clipped by the Expo’s favorite groomer, K9 Headquarters. (Note: No animals will be allowed in the Main Hall. A separate entrance will allow access to the groomer.)

To make this event exceptional, several businesses will be offering lunch including Willie’s BBQ (brisket sandwiches), Nana’s Taqueria (lonches), Gabriel’s (pasta salad and housemade chips), Manjar Bakery (apple fritters and donuts), and much more.

Along with all the onsite special events, top businesses and health professionals will be on hand to answer questions and to provide expert advice.

Many of the businesses will offer gift drawing sign-ups at their tables with the grand prize to be awarded to the Winter Texan Park with the most attendees signing in (based on percentage).

“I’m anxious and excited to see visitors from throughout the Valley visit our park,” Alamo Palms RV Resort’s manager Delaila Zarate said. “We can’t wait for them to come together to see what’s available to them here at our Expo.”

Dennis said that he sees the Expo as “bringing together good people offering great services to other great people. … and that makes for a ‘family feel’.”

According to Barb and Dennis … It all adds up to a very unique Saturday.