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20240228 Mike prepping the RC track webBy Barb Zanetti
Photo by Dennis Zanetti

To encourage RC racing in the Valley, New Sun Racing is sponsoring a 14-hour RGV “Dirt Oval Cup” race day on Saturday, March 2. Held at Alamo Palms RV Resort’s hard-packed dirt oval, races will begin with pits opening at 8 a.m. and continuing until 10 p.m.

“This is the first of what is intended to be an annual celebration of the RC community,” Race Director Mike Fleming said. “I really like that it’s a Valley wide racing tournament.”

He said that they haven’t had anything like this race since the Red, White and Blue series that used to run half a decade ago.

“This new event offers racers a chance to talk to racers they don’t normally run into, to develop great camaraderie, and to get a good perspective on the RC community in the Valley,” Mike said. “To get more racers involved, we’ve worked to tailor these races to reward more than the elite racers. To accomplish this, we’ve created classes to suit a variety of skill levels.”

The 55-plus category fits entry-level racers. Sportsman Class accommodates mid-level racers, with the Trophy Class ideal for competitive and seasoned racers. To give all racers a chance to compete, any racer that normally competes with Trophy Class cars is not eligible to enter the 55-Plus and Sportsman classes. (Conversely, racers that race in the 55-Plus and Sportsman’s Class will be invited to enter the Trophy Class.)

20240228 Mike watering track webMike said that simulations for the featured AA Mains on the professional Live RC scoring program have been tested and retested to make sure that everything will run smoothly. For no charge, this system also offers racers the ability to see everything on their Smart phones (alamopalmschargers.LiveRC.com) from their starting positions to the time of their next race to race results during the actual event. Plus, fans can see live video from their smart phones during the race.

President of Alamo Palms Racing Club Tarry Freeman said that the cost to race is $5 per car (including Trophy Class cars), along with the racer’s “desire to have a good time.”

Registration will be onsite.

“Come with a good attitude and bring a chair,” Tarry said. “For racers to prepare, it’s just a matter of setting RC vehicles to race on smooth, hard-surface dirt. Bring a few extra parts. And plan to have fun!”
Tarry said that everyone should come hungry because food will be served with a special ordering system for racers who can’t leave the track area.

Anyone who has questions about the event is requested to join Alamo Palms RC Facebook Page with guaranteed acceptance.

“It’s difficult to put the RC racing experience into words,” Saleem Faisal, New Sun Racing co-owner and race sponsor, said. “It’s a unique excitement that you get from events like this.”

He hopes the “Dirt Oval Cup” will attract racers and their fans every first Saturday in March for years to come.

“I want people to wait for this race every year,” Saleem said. “... And I hope the racers will be thinking about how to make their cars faster for next year’s race. …How to improve their racing skills. … And, most importantly, will be looking forward to getting together with other Valley racers who love RC.”