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SPI WinterFest Leslie Blasing webLeslie Blasing isn’t new to the Valley Star Awards circuit. Many people don’t realize how many Valley Star Awards Leslie has won. After winning Entertainer of the Year three times, and Female Vocalist five times, Leslie was awarded the Lifetime Award in 2018. These are only a few of the awards she has received in her over 40-year career of singing.

Leslie, having started her singing career in San Antonio, began singing At South Padre Island in 1994. Now she can be found singing at the Island’s main hot spots year-round and at Winter Texan parks during the Winter Texan season. She performs for dances and shows mainly, and she puts on a few of her own themed productions (Winter Fest, Where the Hell is Alice, etc.) throughout the season, and during her tour in the summer – in which she makes her way all the way to Canada.

At the end of July, she heads out on her “Tour to the North,” performing mostly at VFWs, Elks Lodge’s, American Legions, and the sort. She does a lot of fundraising for all kinds of causes including Habitat for Humanity and an organization that helps train dogs for wounded veterans.

Leslie said she enjoys entertaining, and especially Winter Texans.

“I get to spend weeks and weeks, year after year, with my friends from the north. I actually get to know them, and they become more than just visitors to me, they are family.”

“The Winter Texans are a huge ball of crazy, fun friends that I get the pleasure of seeing and getting to know. It is much more of a personal relationship… and that is what I like the most. And that is the reason I do my Tour to the North… I don’t have to wait a whole year to see them, I get to visit them in their own cities and states, while doing a wonderful service of fundraising for their communities back home. It is truly a win-win!”

Leslie said she has lot of stories she can tell about the wonderful, quirky, fun things that she has experienced throughout the years of her career. She might have to write a book she said about those experiences. But the one thing most don’t know about her is that she loves farming and ranching.

“It is my soul and I really miss it.”

“I make my living surrounded by the most beautiful scenic blue-green Gulf of Mexico waters and swaying palm trees, but I sure do miss the dark, rich soil and crops popping up in rows … and especially being around my cattle and the shade of the huge oak trees.”

She still has property near San Antonio, so she said she is blessed to have the best of both worlds – Sand, dirt, palm trees, and oak trees.

During the season, Leslie keeps herself busy. Her music ranges about five decades – having something for everyone ready in just a moment. You can find her schedules online by following her on Facebook where she keeps her followers updated about where she is going to be and when.

We are excited to have her be a part of this year’s Valley Star Awards and answer the questions of why she isn’t on the ballot anymore.