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202402147 Winter TExan Fiesta Bruce Boudreau Performing Courtesy Mission Chamber webBruce Boudreau is a multi-instrumentalist Canadian country music singer and songwriter. He was 14 years old when he got his first guitar. Six months later he started a band in high school where he then started to write songs.

The drive to learn guitar and entertain people was strongly influenced by his east coast family, playing at kitchen parties. He now uses his smooth silk voice to sing classic and contemporary country music. He makes sure that each performance is heartfelt and tries to make a genuine connection with his audience. This is his third season in the Valley, and he performs solo and with other entertainers. He is also part of a duo called CanAm.

Before releasing his own music, he played for tribute bands for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. In 2021, he released his first single, “Mended My Heart,” to radio which reached #3 at week 12. Just a few months later he released a second single titled “Lovin’ You More” that made it to the top 50. He is a member of the independent singer songwriter association and a member of the Ontario County Music Association. He has also been a Josie Awards nominee.

He says his whole purpose is to entertain and provide joy to his audience.

“I see them having a great time,” he says, and it makes him want to bring the party to the stage even more. “It’s my job,” and he loves it.

He loves to bring positive fun energy to his shows, and he likes seeing that attitude transfer to the crowd. He says he sings every song like it’s the first time he sang it. That way it is genuine.

Even though he is not new to the stage, he still has the nervousness and the excitement as he did the very first time he was on stage.

His quirky side shows when on an elevator. He doesn’t stand facing the doors, he turns around and faces the rest of the people in the elevator.

“It’s to break the cycle of habit,” he says. “People often do what they do, but don’t know why they do it. Most times, people just stand and stare at the door and wait to get out and no one says anything,” he said. “But if you stand facing the people, it can be uncomfortable if there’s no conversation, so it often strikes up at least a hello. I guess you can say, I am really comfortable at breaking the ice.”

He is excited to be playing at the Valley Star Awards this year.