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Progreso Bridge upgrades

progreso bridgeProgreso International Bridge Director Marga Lopez recently announced the ribbon cutting of the Pedestrian Inspection Lobby.

“We have been busy during this pandemic; we took advantage of this slower than normal time to remodel and double the size of the pedestrian processing area,” said Lopez

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Pets can help resolutions stick

rescued dog 600pxIt’s that time of year again when many of us start making New Year’s resolutions. After a tumultuous 2020, it may be more imperative than ever to strive for physical, mental, and emotional balance.

The good news is that there is someone who might be able to help you reach those goals who’s closer than you think: your dog or cat. That’s right, Fido and Fluffy can provide you with the motivation to get 2021 started on the right track.

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McAllen opens recycling drop-off facility

The City of McAllen Public Works Department has opened a newly constructed Recycling Center Citizen Drop-Off Facility, with services for both the public at large and those specifically available to McAllen residents. Hours of operation for the facility are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Happy New Year

WEB On The Road HeaderOops! Christmas time and family celebrations have now come and gone. I hope that you practiced social distancing and followed the suggestions of our CDC and government mandates and stayed home. Yes, it was difficult not to visit with family and loved ones. But if we are to conquer our battle in this pandemic, we must do all possible to fight it.

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How to plant shade trees in Texas

How to plant shade treesWritten by Adam Russell

In Texas, late-fall and early winter is the perfect time to plant shade trees.

Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service offer some expert advice to help you get your sapling out of the container, into the ground and off to a good start.

Transplanting and establishing container trees is a relatively easy process if you follow Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service recommendations. Now is a good time to apply these tips and get shade trees in the ground.

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Texas A&M Forest Service launches TreeMD application

header image conserveCOLLEGE STATION, Texas —Texas A&M Forest Service launched an application today to help users quickly identify the root of a tree’s problem, whether it be caused by insects, diseases or other factors.

The TreeMD application is part of the Texas Forest Information Portal, and its main feature is a diagnosis tool which allows users to quickly find results from TreeMD’s vast database. Users are prompted to enter the tree species, prominent symptoms exhibited or even the specific part of the tree that is being affected to help diagnose the problem. In the event there are still questions on the actual cause, users can upload pictures and connect with a professional.

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Mission: Founded on Faith and Agriculture

mission DY St Joseph and St Peter Seminary 600pxFrom Mission’s humble start as a mission with a small chapel, the city has grown to include several churches that have been around now since its inception as a city.

The City of Mission was practically a dry wasteland area that missionaries came upon over 100 years ago. It included large farms and ranches that covered the area. Some communities had as few as two to three families, where others had as many as 150 people.

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Christmas traditions

WEB On The Road HeaderAlthough there have been some adjustments made due to the pandemic, the Rio Grande Valley has not forgotten Christmas and the reason for the celebration. Many churches have been unable to celebrate with their usual posadas held on church properties. Instead, the churches are encouraging people to celebrate within their own families and neighborhoods. For those of you new to South Texas, a posada is the enactment of Mary and Joseph seeking a place for the Christ child to be born. Special songs requesting lodging are sung as the group moves from house to house. The most beautiful posada that I have ever witnessed was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Transplant tips to establish fruit trees

transplant tips to establish plantingBy Adam Russell, TAMU

Establishing fruit trees in Texas takes some effort, but these time-tested tips from a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert can guide the way from transplant to production.

Peaches are the most universally planted fruit tree in Texas.

When it comes to fruit trees, Larry Stein, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension fruit specialist, Uvalde, said to plant in late December through February. The key is that trees be totally dormant at planting.

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