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20230222 QM Tour Guide Jessica Santana webDo you enjoy putting together meals with fresh and savory plants to make up a colorful dish full of robust flavor and energy? Quinta Mazatlan invites you to join them on their one-hour guided tour, Foraging Forests, to get you started foraging native edibles and herbs safely and ethically in your garden.

Foraging can be a very mindful and grounding experience. It can reconnect you with the natural world and helps you get away from stress and anxieties from everyday life. It is a useful skill to have, and it also helps foster appreciation for the plants and the natural world in which we live in. Plants can be healing and are a staple part of a wholesome diet. Foraging can become a source of strength and health, not just for the body but also for the mind.

In this introductory course they will focus on providing you with a solid and basic overview of how to properly identify edible native plants of the Rio Grande Valley, what tools you should bring with you while foraging, insider harvesting tips and tricks and different ways to use the plants. There are many creative ways to use edible natives, from sprinkling Chile Pequin pepper flakes to garnish your pizza, to brewing a cup of warm tea with White Brush flowers and leaves.

Join them as they wander through the Tamaulipan thorn forest in search of edible, wholesome natives at Quinta Mazatlan on Thursday, February 23rd, for your introduction to foraging. The program runs from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the program fee is $5 per person, with advance registration requested via quintamazatlan.ticketleap.com.

Quinta Mazatlán is located at 600 Sunset Drive in McAllen, one block south of La Plaza Mall on 10th Street. For more information, contact (956) 681-3370 and follow Quinta Mazatlán on social media.