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SAn Antonio Mission Mission San Jose WEBWelcome home. By now most of our Winter Residents have arrived and we are so glad to have you back in the big, wonderful state of Texas and the sunny Rio Grande Valley. If you drove down, then I am sure you were once again impressed by how big - and varied - Texas is. If you flew in - especially if you came from Canada - you were probably just a little shocked when you stepped off the plane. What a big difference it is between European Quebec and the tranquil palm lined roads of the Rio Grande Valley. It is quite a shock. From East to West and North to South, all these different areas have their own personalities. Yep, Texas is a Whole Other Country.

The Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio says that Texas was settled by about 27 different ethnic groups. What an influence those groups have on our culture which seems to be a blend of all those groups - from food to song to dance and probably even our speech.

Just to get an idea of how different Texas is why not take a few local tours. Explore the King Ranch and especially the King Ranch Farm Tour where three-mile-long furrows stretch across the flat, rich farmland. Or learn about farming on the Farm Tour when you visit an Irrigation District Pump Station. Talk with a crop duster and a local farmer. Maybe you will even venture further afield when you visit San Antonio – Texas’ number one tourist destination - or visit the grand blend of so many cultures in the Waco area or the German influenced hill country of Schulenburg.

Yep, Texas is a Whole Other Country!