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The season is ending soon, and it just seems to have flown by so fast. While we were able to attend a few activities this year, we missed the yearly expos and other events where we get to meet and talk to you.

We have also missed some entertainment this year. Last year we were able to attend quite a few shows and activities before the season was put to a close by the virus, so we were really hoping for some similar fun this year.

I am thrilled that we did get to go on with the showcases and the Valley Star Awards and some other events. It was nice to get out there and mingle as much as we could.

It was also nice to just get outside this year. While I was working on the city stories, I was able to walk the downtowns of several Valley cities, walk in some of the nature parks, and put my feet in the sand. While it was all work, it sure did feel nice to experience the Valley in a whole new way.

If you have not had the chance to get out and explore, do some before you head back north, you will not regret it.