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We have one more week in our Winter Texan season. In some ways I look at the season and feel it has passed by so fast, and in other ways, it seems like it just started. We have missed out on a lot of gatherings, but we have still been able to get out there and see you. We are already looking forward to next season and the hope that it brings of events, gatherings, expos, and other activities that we had to miss out on this year.

This year we missed seeing faces we have grown to love and have missed meeting new faces/people. I am thankful for the events that we were able to go out to and enjoy with our readers, Winter Texan visitors, and Wintertainers™.

While some events were put on hold, we were happy to see parks finding new ways to keep their residents busy and entertained. We saw new activities being planned and think some of them will become regular events/activities at the parks.

Outdoor activities were a huge hit this year including visiting local parks and birdwatching, and park activities such as outdoor concerts, drive-ins, golf cart bingo and so much more. Activity directors and parks rose to the task this season and we should all be thankful for their efforts and time.

We were also happy to see and hear that parks did not forget about others this year. Park groups were still donating to local organizations, making masks, making quilts, fundraising, collecting donations of food or school supplies, and more, to help their communities.

Despite the different type of year/season we had, the show went on. You found things to do, you found ways to spend your time, you found ways to still have fun.

Now we get to start planning for the next season. We have hope that it will be a better one. We have hope that we will be able to do more. We look forward to getting out into our community more next season and sharing your stories with our readers.

If you are closing your season with something big, let us know. Share some pictures with us. We have one issue left and we would love to be able to share what you have done this year with our readers. Send me information and photos to news@wintertexantimes.com.