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I have probably already said it, in fact I think I did so last week, but I cannot believe the season is over. With not being able to do much this year, we have missed out on so much. I have missed not being to see your faces more often, or at all. I truly enjoy our interaction when we get the chance to do so.

The previous year we were able to attend expos, appreciation days, music shows and events, and other activities. It was our first year owning the paper and we wanted to get to know you and what you do. We were thrilled to have the time that we did before things started closing up last year.

We were looking forward to doing some similar things this year, having hope, but not really knowing what the year would be like. We regretfully did not get a chance to get out there as much as we wanted this year. We do have hope for a better year next season as things are opening up and vaccines are more widely available. We also have hope that we will see our Canadians friends next season and our season will be a fun filled one.

It was great to see how parks were able to handle things this year. I am very thankful for those that decided to have some fun however they could, while still maintaining social distancing and following state and county guidelines. It was something we all had to be aware of, and I was happy to see parks working around things so they could still entertain you, our winter visitors.

I am hoping that we can get out more next season and get to mingle more. We have missed all of the things that come with the Winter Texan season and look forward to next season.

We do hope that those traveling to their summer homes stay safe, have a safe trip, and that we will see you again next year.

Until then,