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It has been a blessing and pleasure to see what the Winter Texan community does for the communities they live in. Each year, especially during the holiday, the communities you live in are blessed with your charity. It always amazes me at how you come together to serve one purpose and bring so many happy faces to the families that live around you.

In this issue we have Tripp Wright and his group of elves that have worked this year to bring joy to children in their community. He, and his elves, have great hope that this first event grows to something bigger each year. I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

I love seeing how you love your community, no matter how long, or how little, you visit with us each year. It is a wonderful thing to see the hope, joy, laughter, and love that comes from the giving you do.


It is a blessing for us to see what goes on in the communities around us, and the part you play in those communities. We invite you to keep sharing those moments with us by sharing your stories and pictures with us.


With Christmas this week – we wish you a very Merry Christmas! We hope you get to enjoy the holiday with some of those you love.

We will have another fairly quiet one but look forward to getting together with friends and spending time with our family as we enjoy some tamales and whatever other goodies we decide to have. We are hoping this cooler weather sticks around a little bit so we can also enjoy some hot chocolate.

We have small traditions – tamales and hot chocolate – and watching a movie with family. Our celebrating of Christmas has become a bit smaller over the years, but it still reminds us of the reason for the season.


As said above – we love to share your stories. Send your great news to us. Send news about your park. Send us information about unique events. Let us know when you are celebrating something special. Tell us when someone is celebrating an important milestone or a big birthday.

We want to share your news. We want to share the news you want to know. We can’t do that without you. You are an integral part in our paper, and we look forward to sharing what’s important to you.

Send your items to news@wintertexantimes.com.