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I can not believe the year is coming to an end. It has gone by so very fast in some cases. Other things seem to have dragged on. As we look forward to the New Year, we often think of things we can improve.

There are several traditions that many across the globe have – like making New Year’s resolutions. Others include decorating a New Year’s Tree, dressing up nice, tossing tinsel, embracing your heritage, eating New Year’s food, praying, toasting, making noise, giving a gift, the countdown to a midnight kiss, singing “Auld Lang Syne,” and sending thank you notes.


One that we have added to our traditions is eating black eyed peas. We have made a couple of different recipes over the years, and plan on trying a new one this year that incorporates bacon and some other things that are included in the New Year’s food category. And you can’t forget the cornbread. I will admit we don’t do this every year…. My husband and I are the only ones that usually eat the dish in our household. But I remember growing up with the tradition and having it at home or at my grandparents’ farm.

What are your traditions that you do every year? Are there ones that you hope that your kids/family continue to teach their own kids?


Out on the road today we have seen more Winter Texan vehicles on the road. Coming down 281 on Monday morning we saw no fewer than a dozen vehicles with northern license plates. It is great seeing everyone return and we hope you have a great season down here. We look forward to getting out and meeting you soon.

We have a lot of events in the coming year that we will be able to see you – including expos, entertainers’ showcase, and of course, the Valley Star Awards.

The best of the season is just around the corner.


Share your celebrations with us. We want to see what you have done this season and how you are starting off the new year. Share your photos and stories with us and we will see what we can fit in. We love hearing from you and sharing your news with our readers.

Send items – information and photos – to news@wintertexantimes.com.