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Oh Boy! This weather is crazy! We have had such nice weather and then boom, it gets a little chilly again. But… good things are in store. It should be nice this weekend though. Nice enough to enjoy some time outside at the SPI Kite Fest.

We plan to be out at the Island on Thursday, and possibly Friday as well. We have never been to an indoor kite show. So, we are looking forward to that.

There are tons of things going on for our Winter Texans right now. There is the Kite Fest, a car show, entertainment at parks, a Gospel Fest, museum exhibits, and so much more. Our Reunions and Meetings section keeps receiving more entries too. Make sure you check all of those items out – the Parks Calendar, Events Calendar, and Reunions and Meetings.

Don’t forget the ads in our Wintertainers™ section located under the Parks Calendar. Those are parks and Wintertainers™ that advertise their events, sometimes several weeks out.

It’s amazing at how busy you can stay in the Valley, even though you are ‘retired’.

Winter Texan parks and their residents are having a blast keeping you entertained and making sure they have activities you are interested in.

Be sure to show your appreciation to your park, to the parks you visit, and let the entertainers know how much you appreciate them. If you go to another park and see someone you like, let your park know they need to book them for next year. That’s what keeps your Wintertainers™ coming back – you! We have some great people and groups that come down here to entertain, and we don’t want to lose them.


I hope you are enjoying the new additions to our paper – the “On the Lighter Side” and “Jammin in the RGV.” We are sure enjoying learning more about the jams that happen at the Valley Winter Texan parks and having some laughs with the other column.

If you have any feedback, any news items you want to share, any events coming up, please let us know.

You can send items to news@wintertexantimes.com. Be sure to include contact information and a photo if available.