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Diego and Edith bring their brand of energy to VSA

diego and edith 03 webDiego and Edith Saurina will be performing at this year’s Valley Star Awards on Wednesday, February 21. The married couple are Pharr natives and have been performing in the Valley at RV Parks for 15 years.

Diego plays the keyboard and sings while Edith brings her vocals to the stage as well. Diego is a professional keyboard piano player, songwriter, and music producer. This duo performs live variety music ranging from the 70’s to today’s music. They play a little bit of country, pop, blues, and a lot of rock ‘n roll.

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Bruce brings smooth voice to VSA

202402147 Winter TExan Fiesta Bruce Boudreau Performing Courtesy Mission Chamber webBruce Boudreau is a multi-instrumentalist Canadian country music singer and songwriter. He was 14 years old when he got his first guitar. Six months later he started a band in high school where he then started to write songs.

The drive to learn guitar and entertain people was strongly influenced by his east coast family, playing at kitchen parties. He now uses his smooth silk voice to sing classic and contemporary country music. He makes sure that each performance is heartfelt and tries to make a genuine connection with his audience. This is his third season in the Valley, and he performs solo and with other entertainers. He is also part of a duo called CanAm.

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Mark Merchant to take the stage at Valley Star Awards

Facetune 002 webMark Merchant is a native of Atlanta Georgia and has been performing ventriloquism since he was born. When he was born, and the doctor slapped his bottom, cries were heard from a baby in the next ward.

He has performed all over the civilized world, and parts of Florida. This is his first season in the RGV, and he is having a blast bringing laughter and love to so many wonderful communities.

He has been performing since he was 10 years old. Comedy ventriloquism has taken him around the world, paid for his college education, and introduced him to the lovely lady to whom he is married. Just about to celebrate 35 years of happiness.

“Wonderful marriage. What’s the secret? Let the dummy do the talking,” said Mark.

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The Night Howlers to perform at Valley Star Awards

120940037 3303309743056156 7204821712096782228 n webThe Night Howlers are not new to entertaining. Valley natives, the group has been entertaining Valley residents for many years. Rene Deanda, drummer, and main vocalist has been performing since he was 15. The Night Howlers has been performing for Winter Texans now for seven years.

The group loves to entertain. Rene says they live for entertaining the Winter Texan community of friends. And he refers to them as friends. You can certainly tell how much he enjoys this gig when you see his pictures on Facebook posing with fans and taking large group photos.

Rene said he and the boys have a philosophy of being generous with their time and talent. They don’t ever take breaks. “Ever,” he said. He added, they might stop for a bit when the park wants to do their 50/50 or other door prizes and such, but they typically play right through their set, and sometimes longer.

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Valley Star Awards welcomes Leslie Blasing

SPI WinterFest Leslie Blasing webLeslie Blasing isn’t new to the Valley Star Awards circuit. Many people don’t realize how many Valley Star Awards Leslie has won. After winning Entertainer of the Year three times, and Female Vocalist five times, Leslie was awarded the Lifetime Award in 2018. These are only a few of the awards she has received in her over 40-year career of singing.

Leslie, having started her singing career in San Antonio, began singing At South Padre Island in 1994. Now she can be found singing at the Island’s main hot spots year-round and at Winter Texan parks during the Winter Texan season. She performs for dances and shows mainly, and she puts on a few of her own themed productions (Winter Fest, Where the Hell is Alice, etc.) throughout the season, and during her tour in the summer – in which she makes her way all the way to Canada.

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Dale and Gayle love to entertain at VSA

Dale and Gayle 2024 webDale and Gayle Eisenhauer, mostly known as just Dale and Gayle, have been coming to the Valley for 15 years. And that’s also how long they have been entertaining with a guitar, keyboard, and their voices – and a little comedy thrown in from time to time. As retired schoolteachers, they are now living their dream, traveling and playing music, having a ball year-round.

The duo says, their greatest reward is playing in the parks and at Ace’s BBQ, where they have been playing for 13 years. They love being able to interact with their audience, take requests, and also let the audience participate.

You can quickly tell they love to entertain; they love what they do, and they love their audience – But more than that, they love each other and are always giving each other that special look, smile, or wink during their shows.

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Valley Star Awards offers great lineup of entertainment

Every year, the Valley Star Awards offers a great lineup of entertainment – and we say it every year, this is going to be a great show. The lineup includes some of the best Wintertainers™ performing in the Winter Texan parks and resorts during the Winter months. We’ve got a little bit of comedy, some country, variety, and some rock n roll. This year’s lineup includes Leslie Blasing, Bruce Boudreau, Mark Merchant, Diego and Edith, Dale and Gayle and the Night Howlers.

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13th Valley Star Awards is February 21

20200219 Valley Star Awards HMiller webThe 13th Annual Valley Star Awards will be held at Mission Bell Resort on Wednesday, February 21. The show will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. with an intermission. Mission Bell will have lunch available for attendees for a small price before the show at 12 p.m., or just get there early to save a seat up front.

This year’s lineup, as always, includes some Winter Texan favorites, including some of those that have been nominated. They are Mark Merchant, Leslie Blasing, Diego & Edith, Dale & Gayle, Bruce Boudreau, and Night Howlers. It’s sure to be a show that gives you a little bit of everything from comedy to country, to rock ‘n roll.

There are ten categories in which readers are asked to vote for their favorites. Categories are Male Vocalist of the Year; Female Vocalist of the Year; Duet Musical Group of the Year; Family Group of the Year; Vocal Group or Choir of the Year; Individual or Small Band Act of the Year; Novelty, Comedy, or Variety Act of the Year; Gospel Group of the Year; Rock N Roll Band of the Year; and Country Band of the Year.

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Victoria Palms: New chef, menu; same old charm

20231227 Restaurant of the Week Victoria Palms Staff Photo webWith a new chef, new menu items on their way, and still featuring all your favorites, if you haven’t been over to Victoria Palms Restaurant recently, you owe it to yourself to go back early and often.

Chef Cora Hoelscher may not be a new face around Victoria Palms for those that have met her and been treated to her hospitality over the last 6 years, but she is new to the role of chef and kitchen manager. With her extensive hospitality background including cooking in a scratch kitchen back in Minnesota and experience as a line chef, Hoelscher and her crew are ready to keep serving all our favorites that keep us coming back, and eager to share some new ideas.

You are going to want to save this date. On January 17 from 1 to 3 p.m. Victoria Palms Restaurant will be hosting a free Meet the Chef event offering an opportunity to sample some of the new dishes that will be available on the breakfast and lunch menu after the new year as well as some of the great new wines offered.

Hoelscher’s pride in her crew is evident when talking about the new menu as she credits them with so many great ideas and says, “I am nothing without my crew.” Some of those ideas include new appetizers and an appetizer sampler, a hot beef sandwich with potatoes and gravy that is sure to be a hit, and a Monterrey Chicken sandwich served regular or spicy, grilled or fried.

Not everything is changing, of course. You will still be greeted by Dave’s boisterous welcome rolling across the dining room from his post at the omelet station as you stroll in for breakfast. And for those who may not mark the passage of time by the days of the week but by the featured dinner at Victoria Palms Restaurant you already know what’s for dinner Tuesday through Friday – dive into a great burger on Tuesdays; you may just find amore in a dish of lasagna on Wednesday’s Pasta Night; enjoy your savory choice of Liver & Onions or Meatloaf each Thursday; and you’ll always land a great catch with the Friday Fish Fry.

Keep up with the latest by following Victoria Palms Restaurant on Facebook, or chat in real time with staff by texting (956) 782-3200.

Victoria Palms Restaurant is located at 3309 E IH-2 in Donna and is open Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m.; Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 11 am; and Sunday Brunch is served from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Stuart Place is not just a one-hit wonder

20220319 Stuart Place Golf Course ALB 0046 webGolf is a passion for those who play, wherever their ability level sits – all it takes is one great shot of the 100 or so you take for the “casual” golfer to transform into the person who talks about everything using golf lingo. Phrases like “I aced it,” or “that’s par for the course,” seemingly are used much more by the golfer than the rest of the “normal” world.

But when one goes out to hit the fairways, there’s usually a ritual that takes place, some are more intense than others. Some people arrive early, grab some breakfast, hit the putting green or the driving range and then start their round. Others will just hang back in the clubhouse and spend a day just putting, chipping, eating, watching television, and chatting with other golfers as they begin, or put an end, to their ritual, which oftentimes includes a burger or nachos and a cold adult beverage – maybe more than one to either celebrate a good round or to try and forget a bad round.

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