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Winter Texans continue to serve community

Winter Texan 3 USE WEBWe all know Winter Texans contribute a great deal to the Rio Grande Valley during their winters with us. They often donate to local charities, help schools with school supplies, donate time to shelters and animal rescues, gather food during the holidays for people here and in Mexico, and they make quilts and other items for those in need.

This year has brought on a whole new need Winter Texans at Alamo Rec-Veh Park have been able to fill. A group of ladies that primarily made quilts before are now making masks.

In February and March when COVID-19 was still new and starting to shut things down, a group of women decided to shift gears. They started with a pattern and went from there. One member of the group has a relative that works in the nursing field and expressed the need for masks for patients and visitors. They originally sent her nearly 100 masks and continue to send more when the need arises. The group has now donated over of 1,000 handmade masks.

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5 Leadership traits of The Founding Fathers that can unify America

EDITOR’S NOTE: While the Winter Texan Times has no affiliation with the author, we do agree with the content of the following article and feel compelled to share hoping to encourage wise and active participation in our nation’s pollical process. In no way does this represent support for any other opinions or content from this author. As this content is provided for publication in whole the Winter Texan Times has not vetted the content of the linked sites, or publications from this author. Please navigate prudently. “Buyer beware.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic worsening, the economy faltering, and protests against racial injustice continuing, millions of Americans face difficult times and worry about the nation’s future.

And with a presidential election around the corner, it’s a critical time for the country to take stock of what political leadership should mean by going back to the principles embodied by the framers of the Constitution, says Dr. Jim White (www.opportunityinvesting.com), author of THE BROKEN AMERICA: Ten Guiding Principles to Restore America.

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Free Digital Tour at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

E 4en UFORT WORTH, TX – The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is pleased to announce it has created a digital tour guide to support touch-free interaction. This tour provides visitors the ability to access audio and images that they otherwise would not be able to view or hear. The tours include Top 10 Must See Artifacts, and guides for both first and second floors including the Hitting the Mark: Women and Wild West Shows Gallery and the It’s Never Just a Horse™ exhibition. The Museum saw the need to create this digital tour as some interactive exhibits remain closed for the safety of our visitors, and the guides provide a great alternative while the Museum cannot offer docent-guided tours. A companion outside tour of the new Alice Walton Cowgirl Park is also planned for the late summer.

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Wag-A-Thon Kicks off to Raise the Roof for PVAS

Edinburg, TX – Hurricane Hanna ripped through Palm Valley Animal Society’s (PVAS) two centers, damaging roofs, fences, trees, and dog kennels. To raise funds for repairs, PVAS is kicking off a Wag-A-Thon. Runners, walkers, bikers, and swimmers can pledge miles and laps for support. PVAS has a goal to raise at least $30,000 for repairs.

“Thankfully, no animals or staff were hurt. But our roof at Trenton needs repairs - that building houses dogs and cats, and that’s where we do adoptions,” said Adam Ricci, Director of Operations.

The community stepped up to help foster, and for the first time ever, PVAS' team was able to get all pets into the main buildings at Trenton and Andrews. While both the Laurie P. Andrews Center and Trenton Center suffered, most damages hit the older Trenton Center.

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Learn to Bird workshop set Oct. 23-25 in Del Rio

owlWritten by Susan Himes, TAMU

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will be holding a multi-day workshop for beginning birders Oct. 23-25 in Del Rio. Learn to Bird will feature focused birding trips lead by professional guide Bryan Calk and educational presentations by AgriLife Extension faculty. Space is limited to 11 participants.

Maureen Frank, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension wildlife specialist in Uvalde, and Emily Grant, AgriLife Extension agent for Val Verde County, created Learn to Bird in response to feedback from the AgriLife Extension Virtual Birding Seminar.

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When do you need to water your yard?

wateringWritten by Kay Ledbetter, TAMU

Heading into the heat of the summer, homeowners begin asking, “how much do I need to water my yard.” Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s WaterMyYard program has a new, free mobile app just for that purpose. (It might not be available in your area yet, so check the app periodically)

When does the grass need watered? There’s an app for that. 

“This app has several enhancements compared to the WaterMyYard website-based program we’ve offered the past few years which should improve user experience and the accuracy of water recommendations, including push notifications directly to the mobile device as well as texts and emails,” said Guy Fipps, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension irrigation engineer, College Station.

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Online Acting Class at Pharr Community Theater this month

Ensemble of actors at PCTThe Pharr Community Theater (PCT) is offering eight 1/2 hour online acting classes from July 6, 2020 to July 31, 2020 for kids, teens and adults. Learn the basics of acting and a little more including auditioning tips and digging deeper to discover characters for real acting. Classes will be via zoom and instructed by Pedro Garcia, a member of the screen actor guild since 1994 and current PCT artistic Director.

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Concert in the forest featuring Cicadas

Cicada 2Would you like a sound track of cicadas singing in the forest? The cicada concert is happening now in the Thornforest at Quinta Mazatlán. The high-pitched song of the insect is a mating call belted out by males. The females do not sing but respond by flicking their wings together. The noise can be heard up to a half-mile away, which makes the cicadas, pronounced suh-KEI-duh, one of the loudest insects in the world.

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The Number One Reptile Show in the Country Coming to Quinta Mazatlan

Reptile Show closeupVisit Quinta Mazatlán on Thursday evening July 2 for a live Reptile Adventure with Danny Conner. Among the stars of the show are Juanita, a Reticulated Python; “Spartacus”, a 100 year old Alligator Snapping Turtle; and last but not least, “Apollo”, an Albino Burmese Python.

Danny Conner is the owner of Reptile Adventures. He has been keeping and caring for reptiles for over 30years and has a unique background blend of education, science, and theater. Danny educates, entertains and fascinates crowds of all ages as he shares his love, knowledge, and respect for these amazing animals. Danny is well respected, and is often an expert source among his colleague and other reptile professionals. He is known for his passion, his diverse and impressive collection, and for his general love of all animals, especially the cold-blooded kind.

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World’s Best Cactus Hotel Is In the Valley

Prickly Pear orangeBy Colleen Hook, Executive Director at Quinta Mazatlán

The best cactus hotel in the world is right in our backyard, the Prickly Pear Hotel. This hotel offers everything from food, water, shelter, medicines and beautiful South Texas landscapes.

So what is there to eat at the Prickly Pear Hotel? Everything, but carefully! The Prickly Pear cactus obviously gets its name from its sharp spines. The cactus is thought to have originated from Mexico and South America and has the ability to grow where there is little water.

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