Monday, December 04, 2023
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December 29, 2020 - Rina's Ramblings

Another year is closing, and a new one is beginning. This year has been so different and has given all of us a new perspective on what is important. It has taught me to be thankful for the little things, the little blessings, the little miracles. It has showed me how much a simple smile, text or phone call can have such a huge impact.

I am hoping the with a new year comes new possibilities, less anxiety, and that we can continue to find the small things that bring us, and others, joy.

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December 2, 2020 - Rina’s Ramblings

This time of year always brings a spirit of Thanksgiving, We continue in this spirit even after the holiday of Thanksgiving, well into the Christmas season. My church leaders invited members to give thanks during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. We were invited to share what we were thankful for on social media platforms. You may have noticed a few #GiveThanks tags this past week.

It was a week filled with many things to be thankful for and a time to reflect on what we are truly grateful for in our lives. Seeing others that posted their “Give Thanks” made me see even more things in my life that I could be thankful for. It was a very rewarding experience.

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November 18, 2020 - Rina's Ramblings

rina rambling 4139The Valley has seen some great weather these past two weeks. So, I took the opportunity to visit parts of Brownsville I have never been to.

I visited the Old Cemetery, Historic Brownsville Museum, Stillman House, Fort Brown, Palo Alto Battlefield, and stopped at a few other places to get some pictures. It was so nice outside that if I did get a little warm, I was easily cooled off with the next breeze.

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February 28, 2020 - Rina's Ramblings

20200226 RINA img 2534We’ve been busy again over here at the Winter Texan Times. We tried to get out as much as possible, but there were places and people we just couldn’t get to. We almost had to place requests in a hat and pick one to go to when we could. You want us out there and we are trying our best to come and see you. Please know that we want to know everyone, but we can’t go to everything.

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February 6, 2020 - Rina’s Ramblings

20200205 cayetano pictureFor those that visit the Valley regularly, you know how much we talk about Fred Renk and the Santa Maria Bullring. Well, this year is his last year and he will be having one more event on February 16. Look for more about the event in our next issue, but until then, check out Jo Liston’s column On the Road with Jo on Page 35.

I told you last week we had been busy this January and our month wasn’t over yet. I tried to get everything in last week that we had done, but I tend to ramble and it got lengthy, so I wanted to talk about a few more things we did before we get our February rolling – which we already plan to attend six events in the next couple of weeks, including the Bull fight, Mission Mega Winter Texan Fiesta, the Valley Star Awards, and Glenn Miller Orchestra. Who knows what else will come up during the month though?

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